3. .032" steel blade

2. Hardened steel hex
tip screw.

1. 11/16" stainless steel
 cut on contact tip.


The RavenTM is like no other broadhead on the market! This broadhead was designed for numerous game animals and capable with high speed bows and crossbows! The blades fully lock open upon impact creating huge 2.3"+  entry and exit wounds. With the Raven's 7/8" flight diameter, it truly flies like a field point to create more accurate shots.


RB14 Model
(Penetration of hide and gelatine)
       WATCH NOW!
   Raven put to the test!
 (Draw weight atleast
  60lbs or higher)
New 2014!
4. Hardened steel flat
head screw.

5. 7/8" flight diameter.
field point accuracy.

6.Levers deploy blades
open in rotating motion.

7. Incredibly stong
anit- wedge aircraft
aluminum ferrule.

8. Super sharp blade

9. .032" steel blade

10. O-ring locks blades
closed. Designed also
for crossbow!

11. Hardened steel flat
head screw..

12. 46 degree blade
edge, great penetration.

13.Massive 2.3" Cutting

100 Grain       2 Blade

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